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NexTech Names DRIVEN360

NexTech Names DRIVEN360 Global Public Relations Agency of Record, Unveils Patented Lithium-Sulfur Battery Technology

• The Nevada-based company holds the patents in process and materials for groundbreaking lithium-sulfur battery technology.

• The semi-solid-state technology is set to revolutionize EVs, renewable energy, aircraft, personal electronics and more with unprecedented energy density, overall power and safety.

• DRIVEN360 will spearhead global launch – driving strategic communications and brand – emphasizing superior performance, push for U.S.-sourced materials and no reliance on expensive and/or foreign commodities.

CARSON CITY, Nev. (May3, 2022 1) – NexTech Batteries, the global leader in proprietary lithium-sulfur battery technology, has selected DRIVEN360 – a world-class integrated communications and brand marketing house – as its global public relations agency of record (AOR). With deep expertise across mobility, technology and a wide range of industries, the DRIVEN360 team will oversee NexTech’s disruptive entry into multiple markets, championing the most powerful, patent-protected semi-solid-state battery technology to date. Strategic communications efforts will also spotlight the company’s goal to maximize U.S.-sourced materials.

Our scientists and the overall team at NexTech are incredibly excited to finally bring world-changing lithium-sulfur energy storage technology to the forefront. Our patent pending processes and materials will bring batteries with unprecedented power, performance, safety, improved weight to power ratio, and lower cost to EVs, renewable energy systems, the aerospace industry, personal electronics and many more parts within the technology marketplace. With worldwide events reminding us of the importance of sustainable, domestic-produced energy, it was critical for us to select a PR partner with a leading track record in storytelling across global mass media. DRIVEN360 brings a strategic, experienced and measured perspective to our team; we are delighted to be working together to bring truly game-changing technology to various industries and the world. Bill Burger, CEO of NexTech Batteries

Next generation semi-solid-state lithium-sulfur (LiS) batteries are characterized by unrivaled energy density and power, superior safety, lighter weight and lower cost. From its research facility in Carson City, Nevada, NexTech will focus on creating a domestic supply chain prioritizing U.S.-sourced materials, reducing the use of foreign suppliers and without the need to source unethically mined or rare materials used in current generation batteries. The company has already inked deals with North American-based lithium suppliers.

NexTech’s business model will also be spotlighted in the coming months – centered on domestic production, strategic global manufacturing partners and long-term collaboration with industry-leading entities that will be able to leverage NexTech’s patented technologies.

The DRIVEN team is intensely excited about our partnership with NexTech Batteries as they take the steps to introduce truly game-changing lithium-sulfur technology to the world. It’s no exaggeration to declare that this battery technology is poised to shake the foundations of so many industries, from the automotive and transportation worlds, to renewables, consumer electronics and more areas that affect the daily lives of people everywhere. We look forward to bringing in a new era in clean energy, leveraging our second-to-none capabilities in strategic comms, media relations, brand and more.” Mike Caudill, president and CEO of DRIVEN360


Founded by broadcast news personality, transportation/automotive expert and PR veteran, Mike Caudill, DRIVEN360’s world-class track record is highlighted by the launch of startups into the global spotlight, as well as moving the needle for blue chip brands and some of the largest Fortune 500 companies via bold, modern strategies. The disruptive integrated communications/brand marketing firm’s multi-industry expertise is reflected by current and past brands including Fisker, Sprint, SoftBank Group, Lucas Oil, LINE-X, Sena Bluetooth, MiFi®/Inseego, Borla, Saint-Gobain, Fernando Alonso’s Kimoa brand, sports teams to Zero Motorcycles and many others. From a media relations perspective, DRIVEN’s ability to bring brands of all varieties in reach of the most prominent media outlets across TV, digital, print and social is unrivaled – from Automotive, Powersports/Motorsports, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Luxury, Technology, Health/Fitness, Hospitality, Consumer Products to Fashion.


NexTech Batteries is a global leader in lithium-sulfur battery technology underpinned by patented processes and materials that produce batteries with energy density and overall power far superior to current generation batteries. The Carson City, Nevada-based company is positioned to bring lithium-sulfur semi-solid-state chemistry based energy storage systems with unparalleled safety, superior performance, less weight and lower cost to global vehicle electrification, consumer electronics, renewable energy storage, aircraft and more. Focus on a more ethical supply chain and environmental stewardship is reinforced by the company’s push for U.S.-sourced materials and less reliance on expensive and/or foreign sourced commodities. NexTech Batteries was founded in early 2016 and initially was the result of the exclusive license to the rights and patents to the lithium-sulfur battery technology developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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