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At NexTech Batteries, we pursue the development of next-generation lithium batteries (beyond lithium-ion) with unparalleled safety, energy density, low cost, ethical supply chain, and environmental stewardship for global vehicle electrification, consumer electronics, renewable energy storage, and more.


NexTech Batteries was founded in early 2016 and was the result of the company’s founders securing exclusive license rights and patents to Lithium Sulfur Battery Technology developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This powerful and disruptive Li-S technology was the result of more than 14 years of research under the direction of Dr. Elton Cairns at LBNL. NexTech is one of the first entities to have recognized the long-term promise and scientific superiority surrounding lithium sulfur – and has since created patented processes and materials that deliver unparalleled battery power and performance that’s poised to evolve multiple global industries.







Bill Burger
CEO & Founder

  • First to work with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in 2016, to secure exclusive license
    rights and patents to baseline lithium-sulfur battery technology.
  • Over 40 years of executive experience at industry leading and rapidly growing technology companies such as HP, Intel and Broadcom.

Vani Dantam

  • Executive and dealmaker with 40 years in Energy, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Defense
  • Built global business pipelines for motors, generators, and lithium-ion batteries valued at $200M
  • Oversaw construction & commissioning of plants and businesses worldwide.
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Darin Valley
Vice President of Manufacturing

  • 25+ years of North American and International experience in semiconductor, electronics, PV and energy storage markets.
  • Expertise in start up/technology manufacturing, supply chain, sales/marketing, product development and operations.

Lt. Col. (Ret) Warren “Bum” Rapp
Vice President of Govt. Programs and Investment Management

  • Retired military multi-service pilot with numerous Commander tours.
  • Former University of Nevada, Reno NAASIC Director: Joint Project Manager with NASA.
  • Director of advanced autonomous flight systems and testing.
Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson
Technology Executive

  • Over 50 years of executive experience with various technology companies across many computing, software, and energy businesses.
  • Oversaw the successful growth, development, and redirection of several companies.


Headquartered in Carson City, Nevada, NexTech batteries has become a global leader in Lithium-Sulfur Battery (Li-S) technology. NexTech's patented processes and Earth-friendly materials have resulted in batteries with energy densities and overall power that are far superior to current generation Lithium-Ion Batteries. We believe that Li-S is the most promising solution to today’s global challenges related to commodities and green energy which is why our team is committed to advancing our technology with a sustainable and ethical supply chain focused with an emphasis, but not restricted to, U.S.-sourced materials.


Nextech Batteries is nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is just minutes away from beautiful World Renown Lake Tahoe and its World Class Skiing, Hiking, Mountain Biking and Trophy Trout Fishing! 

We’re Delivering Real, Long-Term Solutions to the World's Energy Challenges

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