An electric vehicle powered by NexTech's high performance Li-S Batteries will have less weight, can travel farther, and cost less when compared to the current, widely-used Lithium-Ion Batteries.

Consumer Products

"The global market for batteries used in portable battery-powered products should reach $1.5 Trillion Dollars by 2024". (BBCResearch Aug 2019)

From your cell phone to your car or your house, current battery technologies have evolved into viable alternative energy sources to power these products in their entirety.  NexTech's Li-S Battery technology further enables this exploding market by providing a cleaner, lighter weight, safer, and higher energy product that is significantly cheaper to produce.
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Grid Storage

NexTech's Patented Technology is currently being developed and tested for specific use in large-scale Grid Storage by the US Department of Energy.  Our technology will ultimately improve the overall reliability, endurance, and cost of harnessing renewable energy.


Electric boats are increasingly becoming a powerful tool in combating water and noise pollution in highly-populated recreational water areas.  Electric boats do not discharge any fuel or oil into the waterways and have no carbon monoxide emissions to pollute the atmosphere.


NexTech Li-S Batteries, when compared to Li-ion battery-based systems being utilized by the military, deliver twice the energy at less than half of the weight.  This would reduce the weight that our troops on the ground have to carry in the field while increasing the endurance of the portable systems being employed.  NexTech Batteries not only operationally benefit the U.S. Military, but also would provide an environmentally cleaner energy source for usage and disposal.

Last-Mile E-Mobility

The E-Scooters are rapidly becoming a replacement for current public transportation in large cities.  NexTech's patented Li-S Battery Technology will nearly double the range of these environmentally-friendly vehicles.
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Electric Air Taxis are now a legitimate global solution for faster, environmentally friendly public transportation.  Two problems still plague this emerging industry: endurance and weight of the air vehicle. NexTech's advanced high-powered, lightweight batteries solve both of these issues.