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Lightweight Battery Promises Longer Flight Time and Safer Operation

Lighter yet more powerful Lithium-Sulfur batteries deliver vastly improved air time compared with current generation batteries - with inherent safety features thanks to more stable raw materials and customized engineering.
  • Increased flight time

  • Lightweight - unmatched weight to power ratio

  • Greater energy density - more power per cell

  • Safe - not as combustible as current battery technology

  • First and only semi-solid-state Lithium-Sulfur science being tested worldwide

  • Superior cycling of cells and size of cells

  • Cost expectations 40% below current technology

  • Sustainable and ethical supply chain: currently enough easily accessible sulfur to supply EV battery production for centuries, no need to mine for rare earth metals like Cobalt or Magnesium

NexTech’s Lithium-Sulfur batteries are suitable for civilian and commercial drones across a wide range of industries, bringing substantial benefits to delivery service, hyperspectral imaging, mining, first responders, agriculture and much more, at reduced cost and greater utility.

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