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Powering Our All-Electric Future With Superior Performance, More Sustainable Batteries Through Lithium-Sulfur

Electrification is increasing in all aspects of mobility - drone cabs, metro buses, e-bikes, scooters to delivery vehicles - and at a global scale. It will be impossible for current battery chemistry to meet demand resulting from the progression of mobility technologies. There isn’t enough nickel and cobalt on the planet to produce enough lithium-ion batteries. Only environmentally-friendly materials like sulfur, the ninth most abundant element on Earth, and ethical manufacturing process will provide a truly sustainable and efficient battery power solution.

Optimized for weight and energy, NexTech’s Lithium-Sulfur battery technology can provide the power, reliability, and safety that each unique mobility use case requires.

  • First and only semi-solid-state Lithium-Sulfur science being tested worldwide

  • Superior cycling of cells and size of cells

  • Superior safety: no thermal runaway, less chance of fire

  • Greater energy density per cell which allows for greater range per charge

  • Cost expectations 40% below current technology

  • Sustainable and ethical supply chain: currently enough easily accessible sulfur to supply EV battery production for centuries, no need to mine for rare earth metals like Cobalt or Magnesium

  • Core chemistry is easier to recycle

  • Lightweight - unmatched weight to power ratio

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