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Smarter, Superior Battery Technology for Modern Military Operations

NexTech is committed to meeting the challenges associated with bringing electrification to non-tactical vehicles and beyond. Military equipment faces unique challenges on the battlefield: the need for range and operational duration in extreme conditions cannot be met by current battery technology.
Military Graphics (drone).png

While significant obstacles exist that restrict the use of electric vehicles in military field operations, namely a reliable electric grid for recharging, power needed for heavier equipment and safety challenges with current generation batteries - opportunities exist to improve battery technology in use for light reconnaissance vehicles, drones, handheld equipment, weapons systems, communications, and silent watch capabilities. NexTech Lithium-Sulfur batteries offer tactical and operational efficiencies/improvements to current and future military technology.

  • Operational safety: the world’s first semi-solid-state battery technology with less fire potential

  • Reduced heat signature - less risk of detection on thermal imaging

  • Greater energy density gives reliable performance and product longevity in extreme conditions

  • Lightweight - unmatched weight to power ratio

  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly to manufacture 

  • Easier to deploy

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