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More Power, Performance, Safety and Eco-friendly Energy on the Water

NexTech custom-engineers more economical, sustainable, and environmentally-positive Lithium-Sulfur battery solutions for private watercraft, pleasure boats, hydrofoil electric boats, water taxis, commercial passenger vessels and much more within the marine industry. In terms of environmental impact, Lithium-Sulfur is less harmful to manufacture, safer to operate and easier to recycle.
  • Environmentally friendly - core chemistry is less toxic than batteries using nickel and cobalt

  • Able to integrate with additional power sources

  • Lighter weight - more efficient use of power, ability to increase range or speed

  • Core chemistry is easier to recycle

  • Greater energy density per cell

  • Superior safety: no thermal runaway, less chance of fire

  • Superior cycling and size of cells

  • Cost expectations 40% below current battery technologies

  • First and only semi-solid-state Lithium-Sulfur science being tested worldwide

  • Sustainable and ethical supply chain: currently enough easily accessible sulfur to supply battery production for centuries, no need to mine for rare earth metals

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