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Grid Storage

A New Era in Energy Grid Storage: Lithium-Sulfur’s Superior Energy Density and Sustainability

With today’s well-known energy challenges, coupled with factors like more vehicle electrification, more demand will be placed on an aged and increasingly less stable energy grid. NexTech already has a head start - having introduced the world’s first semi-solid-state battery technology to state energy commissions to update their grid storage technology and capability, accelerating adoption of clean, safe, reliable, and sustainable energy for commercial and residential needs.

We deliver tailor-made solutions via patented processes and materials that produce unmatched performance in a variety of ways: more energy density than anything else out there, less expensive to produce, lighter weight and superior cell cycle/cell size.

  • Greater energy density per cell

  • Superior safety: no thermal runaway, less chance of fire

  • Superior cycling and size of cells

  • Cost expectations 40% below current battery technologies

  • First and only semi-solid-state Lithium-Sulfur science being tested worldwide

  • Sustainable and ethical supply chain: currently enough easily accessible sulfur to supply battery production for centuries, no need to mine for rare earth metals

  • Core chemistry is easier to recycle

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