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Lithium-Sulfur Cells

Incumbent Li-ion technology is reaching physical limits of specific energy after years of development, and ​the future electrification of transportation will rely on significant increases in specific energy and safety with dramatic reductions in cost. Our game changing LIS61 cell technology will enable unparalleled specific energy with high levels of safety and low $/kWh.


NexTech's cathode contains no cobalt or nickel, instead using earth abundant carbon and sulfur, which has no future supply chain shortfalls. Incumbent Li-ion technology relies on scarce, conflict-minerals such as cobalt, which are unsustainable without major breakthroughs in recycling and mineral deposit discoveries.

Energy Density

Our patented sulfur-rich active material has a maximum specific energy of 2500 Wh/kg, which is five times higher than that of metal-oxide Li-ion cathode materials. 


Our cells provide unparalleled safety due to the lack of oxygen-producing materials, meaning no thermal runaway or explosion. This provides for easier transportation and increased safety for airborne and automotive applications.


We are developing a semi-solid-state cell technology utilizing our patented active material and a scalable semi-solid-state electrolyte composite system.

We’re Delivering Real, Long-Term Solutions to the World's Energy Challenges

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