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Starting Date: Now
Location: Carson City, NV
Type: Full-time
Reports to: Director of Engineering
Benefits: Competitive salary, company health, vision and dental insurance, company stock package

Basic Experience Requirement

  1. 1-5 years of experience in a Li-ion battery (or similar) company. Startup experience is preferred.

  2. Engineering degree in materials science, chemistry, electrochemistry, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, or similar field.

  3. Hands on experience with designing and assembling many cell form factors and sizes. Pouch cell experience is highly preferred.

  4. Excellent notetaking and record-keeping ability. Ability to document and report results on engineering changes to cell designs. Proficient in CAD.

  5. Ability to work and think independently while wearing many hats in a fast-paced start-up environment.

  6. In depth understanding of standard testing protocols (USABC, etc.) and safety testing standards (UN38.3, DOT, etc.)

  7. In depth understanding of cell fabrication processes and machinery, especially pouch cells. Knowledge of basic module and pack design.


Preferred Experience

  1. Track record of innovation and intellectual property development in Li-ion or similar chemistries.

  2. Previous experience in working in a startup environment with small company size, wearing many hats.

  3. Broad knowledge of the Li-ion industry, startup landscape, and spectrum of energy storage mediums.

  4. Proven track record of assembling and validating small-to-large scale modules and packs. Pouch cell experience is highly valued.


Job Duties

  1. Conduct guided experiments under the supervision of Director of Engineering.

  2. Create new IP around cell design.

  3. Engineer or modify existing manufacturing processes or equipment.

  4. Analyze, process, and document data from engineering changes to cell designs.

  5. Use proper methods to optimize process productivity and throughput.

  6. Perform industry standard safety testing on high-energy pouch cells with documentation, working with 3rd parties to achieve this at times. Identify cell failure modes and methods for reducing failure rates.


Job Requirements

  1. Working in a wet-lab and dry-room environment for extended periods of time.

  2. Handling and testing of high-energy pouch cells.

  3. Handling of air and moisture sensitive materials and chemicals.

  4. Modification of new and existing cell assembly machinery to implement cell design changes. Operation of pilot-scale cell assembly equipment at times, while supervising cell assembly technicians. 

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