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Starting Date: Now
Location: Carson City, NV
Type: Full-time
Reports to: Director of Engineering
Benefits: Competitive salary, company health, vision and dental insurance, company stock package

Basic Experience Requirement

  1. Extensive hands on experience in an industrial or academic lab setting.

  2. Experience working with heavy duty machinery, such as presses, large scale reactors, film coaters, etc.

  3. Excellent notetaking and record-keeping ability. 

  4. Ability to wear many hats in a fast paced startup environment and adapt quickly to changes.


Preferred Experience

  1. 1+ years of experience working in a Li-ion start-up environment.

  2. Experience handling lithium metal and assembling lithium metal cells.

  3. Lithium-ion hands on experience in handling and mixing of active material powder and electrolytes.

  4. Previous experience in working in a startup environment with small company size, wearing many hats.


Job Duties

  1. Conduct routine synthesis of powder materials according to standard operating procedures.

  2. Mix batches of electrolyte or binder solutions.

  3. Fabricate lithium-sulfur cells, assisted by semi-automatic and automatic equipment.

  4. Casting of large area sheets of cathodes.

  5. Perform and report on quality control of cathodes, cells, and active material batches. 


Job Requirements

  1. Working in a dry-room, wet lab, and clean-room environment on a regular basis.

  2. Handling of metallic lithium regularly in a dry-room environment.

  3. Familiarity of hazardous material handling.

  4. Operation of lab-scale and prototype assembly equipment.

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