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Starting Date: Now
Location: Carson City, NV
Type: Full-time
Reports to: Chief Scientist
Benefits: Competitive salary, company health, vision and dental insurance, company stock package

Basic Experience Requirement

  1. 1-5 years of experience in a Li-ion, solid-state, Li-S, or related battery technology company. Startup company experience preferred.

  2. Ph.D. in materials science, chemistry, electrochemistry, or similar field.

  3. Hands on experience working with lithium energy storage chemistries and cells. Pouch cell fabrication experience is preferred.

  4. Excellent notetaking and record-keeping ability. Ability to present data and findings in a highly professional manner.

  5. Ability to work and think independently while wearing many hats in a fast-paced start-up environment. Proven track record of publications and/or patents in the field of lithium batteries or energy storage is preferred.


Preferred Experience

  1. Hands on experience working with lithium metal and lithium alloy anodes. Experience with these materials in lithium-sulfur chemistry is a plus.

  2. Lithium-ion hands on experience in development of solid-state materials such as LLTO, sulfides, ion-conducting polymers, and interface materials. Lithium-sulfur experience is a plus.

  3. Pouch cell development experience – Knowledge of fabrication of small and larger pouch cells by hand and by prototype manufacturing equipment.

  4. Knowledge of lithium metal anodes: handling, coating, plating phenomena.

  5. Previous experience in working in a startup environment with small company size, wearing many hats. Broad knowledge of the Li-ion industry, startup landscape, and spectrum of energy storage mediums. 


Job Duties

  1. Conduct independent experiments under the general guidance of the Chief Scientist. Will report to the Chief Scientist on a weekly basis.

  2. Contribute novel and impactful R&D concepts that can be patented to bolster the company’s IP portfolio.

  3. Develop technology in the areas of:

  • Li anode coatings and interface materials

  • Solid-state material synthesis development and process development.

  • Anode plating management and enhancement through electronic means.


Job Requirements

  1. Working in a dry-room and clean-room environment on a regular basis, i.e. exposure to very low levels of humidity.

  2. Handling of metallic and cycled lithium regularly in glovebox and dry-room environment.

  3. Handling and use of hazardous chemicals on a regular basis.

  4. Handling of air and moisture sensitive materials and chemicals.

  5. Assembly and disassembly of both low and high energy pouch cells. Operation of lab-scale and prototype assembly equipment.

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