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INTERN - 2022

Starting Date: Now
Location: Carson City, NV
Type: Summer 2022
Reports to: Director of Engineering, Chief Scientist, or others.
Benefits: Competitive wages

Basic Experience Requirement

  1. Enrolled in 4-year engineering program, including but not limited to mechanical, electrical, chemical, and materials science & engineering.

  2. Conducting basic level engineering and science experiments at an accredited 4-year engineering program.

  3. Understanding of basic lab safety and processes. Excellent notetaking and record-keeping ability.


Preferred Experience

  1. Individuals that are in junior or senior years of a 4-year engineering program are preferred, with the option to hire fulltime in the future.

  2. Previous experience in working in a technology company or a startup environment with small company size, wearing many hats.

  3. Basic knowledge of energy storage, batteries, EVs, or similar technological fields.

  4. Proven track record of high marks in an accredited 4-year engineering program. Undergrad research experience is highly valued in Li-ion, Li-S, or other battery chemistries


Job Duties

  1. Support experiments, cell builds, and other chemical and manufacturing processes under the supervision of senior scientists and engineers.

  2. Gain exposure to the various aspects of R&D, cell development, and manufacturing of Li-S cells.


Job Requirements

  1. Working in a wet-lab and dry-room environment for extended periods of time.

  2. Handling and testing of pouch cells.

  3. Handling of acids, bases, and air and moisture sensitive materials and chemicals. Operation of basic lab equipment.

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