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Ioneer USA Corporation and NexTech Batteries Sign MoU for US-Sourced Lithium

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Nevada Lithium for Nevada’s Next-Generation Lithium-Sulfur Battery

Carson City, Nev. – Ioneer USA Corporation (Ioneer), an emerging lithium-boron supplier, and NexTech Batteries (NexTech), the global leader in proprietary lithium-sulfur battery technology, today announced the completion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). between two companies.

Ionair USA Corp and Nextec Batteries signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the supply of Lithium Carbonate/Lithium Hydroxide from the Rhyolite Ridge Project. The product will be used at Nextec’s Carson City production facility to manufacture solid-state batteries for sectors including the automotive industry, renewable energy and grid storage applications.

Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, the two companies have expressed mutual interest in the acquisition of lithium carbonate and/or lithium hydroxide supplies from Ionair’s Rhyolite Ridge lithium-boron project for Nextec’s production facility in Carson City, which will be used for the next generation. construction will be done. Solid-state batteries poised to revolutionize the automotive industry, renewable energy and grid storage applications, portable electronics, drone/EVTOL aircraft and more. Ionair aims to produce 24,000 tonnes of lithium material per year in Esmeralda County. The two sides intend to discuss the possibilities of long-term supply to Nextec once production begins at Rhyolite Ridge.

NexTech is pleased to work with a supplier that is aligned with our mission to make batteries more affordable, more durable and safer through patented lithium-sulfur science that is set to disrupt many industries. Facts That the Rhyolite Ridge project is located a short distance from our facility will allow us to reduce our supply chain carbon footprint, reduce dependence on foreign suppliers, and create jobs right here in Nevada. Take Ionair with you on your journey We are proud to have this as we want to usher in a new era of energy. - Bill Berger, CEO of Nextech Batteries.
The US and Nevada have prioritized the need for a domestic battery supply chain, and with low current supplies, the development of Rhyolite Ridge will be critical to meeting this important goal,” said Bernard Rowe, president of Ionair. “As Ionair focuses on producing the materials needed for sustainable and clean technologies, it is important for companies like Nextec to develop and produce those technologies domestically and sustainably. This collaboration supports Nevada’s clean energy strategy. And it’s another example of how the state of Nevada can lead the way to a more sustainable future, while creating jobs across the supply chain, from mining to high-tech manufacturing, to rural and urban communities alike.

The introduction between the two companies was facilitated by the Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA), the state-designated regional development authority for Nevada’s Sierra region that includes Carson City.

More information about NexTech batteries can be found at More information about Ioneer’s Rhyolite Ridge Lithium Boron Project can be found at and

About Ionair

ioneer Ltd owns 100% of the Rhyolite Ridge Lithium-Boron Project, located in Nevada, United States, which is the only known lithium-boron deposit in North America and one of only two known such deposits in the world. The Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) completed in 2020 confirmed Rhyolite Ridge as a world-class lithium and boron project, a globally significant, long-life, low-cost, lithium and boron critical for a sustainable future. expected to be the source. In September 2021, Ionair entered into a 50/50 joint venture agreement with Sibanye Stillwater Limited to pursue the Rhyolite Ridge project. ioneer will be the operator of the project, which is expected to come onstream in 2024.

About next tech battery Nextec Battery is a global leader in lithium-sulfur battery science based on patented processes and materials that produce energy densities far superior to previous generation batteries. The Carson City, Nevada-based company is positioned to bring unparalleled safety, superior performance, low weight and solid-state chemistry to global vehicle electrification, consumer electronics, renewable energy storage, aircraft and more. Focus on a more ethical supply chain and environmental management with the company’s push for US-sourced ingredients and no reliance on expensive or foreign goods. Nextec Battery was founded in early 2016 and was the result of an exclusive license for the rights and patents for lithium-sulfur battery technology developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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